What Makes the Difference Between a Great Thai Yoga Massage and a So So One?

Wondering how different thai massage experiences feel like. I share my personal experience as first time traveller to Thailand and Thai massage experience now and then. Let me know how was your experience!

My first Thai Massage experience traveling to Thailand.

So what makes the big difference in a Thai Yoga massage? I remember when receiving my first Thai massages more than two decades ago. In other words, trying out several different Thai massages while exploring some Thai spas in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Back then, it was an exotic experience without expecting anything!

different Thai Massage experiences

Trained versus untrained therapists

While trying out some massage places in the streets of Bangkok …. “Hello Massage” How did they know my name? Those are low-priced and simple set-up places in Bangkok or Chiang Mai !
What I noticed is they put shoes outside of the spa so it seems they have many customers. Most of them have, unfortunately no real training and just passed along Thai Massage techniques from their colleagues. Furthermore, not much variety in technique, and feels like caressing, for instance. Above all, sometimes too much pressure.

The state of mind in a great Thai Yoga massage

Nowadays I know where to get a good Thai massage in Spa infested Bangkok or Chiang Mai. When receiving I try to let go and not flexing my muscles, as well let go of my mind. The massage therapist can just focus and let the massage give it a nice flow. Therefore, soon my body, mind and soul can let go too and fall into an unconscious mind.
After I get stretched, compressed, moved around and twisted the Thai massage therapist put me in the sitting position. That means my massage is soon over. Didn’t we just start? Walking away I feel more balanced, muscle soreness but in a good way and more energetic! Different thai massage experiences that work. Wow, I can’t wait to get my next Thai Massage in a few days!

Same Same but different!

To adjust to your client’s needs and preferences together with the right pressure and rhythm are key factors. However, there is more to take into account like massage technique and the state of mind of the giver and receiver, for instance. This way both can benefit from a Thai massage session.

Thai Massage can be experienced same same but differently.

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