How to Choose a Thai massage School

How to Choose a Thai massage School

For over 2500 years, Thai massage has helped individuals relieve tension, boost blood flow, become more relaxed, and improve muscle and joint flexibility. This ancient healing technique which first started in India, is gradually stealing the limelight owing to its immense physical and mental health benefits.

Like any other art, understanding Thai massage begins with choosing an effective learning source. Whether your goal is to administer home-based massage therapy or become a Thai massage professional, quality education is an essential tool.

So, have you’ve been wondering what you should look out for before choosing a Thai massage school? Don’t fret!

In this article, we’d walk you through all you need to consider before even filling out any registration form to kickstart your Thai massage learning journey.

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1. Cost

Every Thai massage school can’t be the same, especially not in their prices. There are super cheap schools, schools with moderate prices, and expensive ones. Before choosing a school, you should determine what your budget is and know how much they charge. Because, if their fee doesn’t fit your budget, it wouldn’t matter whether or not you apply.

Also, it’s important to note that the price of a Thai massage school doesn’t necessarily determine its quality. Some of the cheapest Thai massage schools offer high-quality Thai massage education too. Expensive schools often have some extra activities and resources that make learning more comfortable. However, cheap schools too can sometimes be just as good.

Choose Thai massage School

2. School or Teacher Reputation

More than anything else, the reputation of your school or teacher is essential. Find out what people are saying about your school or teacher via online reviews, by discussing with graduates, or through any other means.

If your school or teacher has a good reputation, chances are you’d achieve your goals through them. If otherwise, you might want to check someplace else. Ask questions, if any, and don’t sign the papers until you’re sure that’s the school for you.

3. Conduciveness

The environment you choose to learn will significantly impact how well you learn. To begin with, you need to understand the kind of learner you are. Some people prefer a calm and serene learning environment, while others simply aren’t bothered by that. Some individuals love a highly ventilated environment with enough space and good lighting.

To some learners, extra facilities like WiFi, changing rooms, and showers are a huge deal. Know what makes learning comfortable for you and choose a Thai massage school with the necessary amenities.

4. Learning Location

Choose Thai massage School

Well, this is another very crucial factor you need to consider. Where’s the school located? Would you need to find extra accommodation near the school?

Or you can cope with journeying down from your home? Don’t forget that you may need to eat, sleep, or do other basic activities before and after each class.

If your preferred school offers on-site accommodation for students living far away, you may consider making reservations. Additionally, you should consider the type of meal on the menu and- if possible- how you can make your preferred meal. Another thing to note about the location is if it’s in an area you naturally would love to be.

Maybe you love the sight of mountains and hills, or you love a city-based school that allows you to fulfill other needs before or after class; it all depends on your preferences.

You want to make sure that your Thai massage school is located in an area you love to go as that alone can serve as motivation.

5. School or Teacher Accreditation

This factor depends largely on your Thai massage learning goals. For instance, if you just want to learn Thai massage for home-based treatment, getting accredited by a local school or teacher will always be sufficient.

However, if you’re going to practice your skills professionally, you will most likely need an internationally recognized accreditation.

There are Thai massage schools that offer foreign accreditations upon completing their program. You want to treat your professional career as a Thai massage expert like a business and obtain only the certifications and accreditations that will be helpful.

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6. Style of Teaching

Normally, schools with fewer students tend to be more student-centred than schools with many students. Although some Thai massage schools, despite their large student base, maintain highly effective teaching patterns.

These schools have just enough instructors to make their institute student-oriented and as effective as possible. If you love schools with lots of students and feel more motivated when you learn as a group, you may consider this kind of school.

On the other hand, if you perform better with one-on-one training or you prefer a class of few students, choosing less populated schools will be a better option. Before enrolling, you should also check out the teaching method(s) adopted by your potential school or teacher. Are they teacher-centred, student-centred or interactive/participative in their approach? You should know this.

Check out the learning materials they use and any other relevant information about their program.

Look at the school’s success rate and how well their past students are doing as Thai massage professionals. This will significantly help you infer the effectiveness of their teaching style.

Remember to find out the characters and mannerisms of your potential teacher(s) before deciding on what to do. You don’t want to learn under someone whose personality doesn’t appeal to you. Visit the school at least once or watch their training sessions online to have an idea of what the instructors are like.

7. Practice opportunities

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It doesn’t suffice to learn all the theories behind Thai massage without having a good platform to practice them. Good Thai massage schools help their students gain practical experience with the acquired knowledge before certifying them to offer the skill as professionals.

Some schools allow student-to-student daily practice for improved understanding. Others may have specific days set aside for practice with teachers available to offer support.

If the school has practice opportunities, it’s a huge learning advantage. In a situation whereby you have to choose between two equally good schools, go for the one with the most practice opportunity.

Once you get these factors figured out, choosing the perfect Thai massage school would be as easy as pie. Finally, it’s important to learn both Thai yoga style and Bangkok/Watpo style. Thai yoga style is gentler on the body and will be perfect for pregnant women and elders.

On the other hand, Bangkok/Watpo style is relatively more intense as it focuses more on acupressure.

Schauer Thai Massage School teaches both styles to equip you with the required skill set to practice Thai massage as a professional.

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