How Thai Massage helped my wife during her pregnancy

Thai massage during pregnancy:

How Thai massage can improve our mental health. Today we are going through a pandemic and through truly difficult times.

In this article, I share my personal experience of how Thai massage helped my wife during her pregnancy, and how other clients of mine and students have benefited from it.

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Thai massage and pregnancy:

I have been practicing Thai massage for more than 25 years and also taught it at my own school Schauer Thai Massage School.
But honestly I never thought that this passion that I have from a very young age would benefit my family so much. And it is that in the year 2020 in the middle of the outbreak of the pandemic, our little family received news that my wife was pregnant.
I have never felt so much happiness before. Normally I massage my wife every week but during her pregnancy she received massages practically every day in various techniques.

How Thai massage improved her pregnancy symptoms:

Sometimes my wife told me at dawn: “I can not sleep, my spine hurts, my legs are swollen.”
Then I would perform a personalized Thai massage sequence on her to alleviate those symptoms.

The next morning my wife was happy, very relaxed and she told me about she felt, and thanks to the Thai Yoga massage she was able to sleep soundly.

Thai massage in the last trimester of pregnancy:

In the last weeks of her pregnancy, Thai massage was of vital importance. The stress of the pandemic, plus an emergency C-section, added up and my wife felt stressed.

I practically massaged her twice a day focusing on acupuncture points, Thai yoga stretches and she also mixed it with aromatherapy.

I could see from my own experience the benefits that Thai massage offered physically but especially mentally to my wife during her pregnancy.

Our SPA for pregnant women in Vienna:

Today I have a practice in a Thai massage studio for pregnant women called “Mamás Thai Massage”. It is located in the center of Vienna and we are receiving pregnant women from all over the country who need a moment of relaxation, relief from their symptoms and above all a technique that helps them enter a healthy state of mental health.

About Schauer Thai Massage School

Schauer Thai Massage School is available to teach worldwide Thai Massage Certified Courses as well as offers Retreats in Cuba, Morocco, Bali and Thailand.

Schauer Thai Massage School uses the VAK teaching method.

In other words, auditory kinaesthetic methods and one-to-one demonstration methods. 

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