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Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork

 Traditional Nuad Thai Yoga Studio Massage on the floor is performed on a special mat from Thailand, for instance. It is a 100% authentic massage performed by Guenther Schauer. A certified Nuad BoRarn Thai Massage Instructor and therapist. Furthermore, he has more then 20 years of experience in the field of Thai Massage.

The work itself consists primarily of pressure on energy lines. Also acupressure points, and a variety of stretching movements. Furthermore, it comes close to Yoga like postures. The stretching movements in Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Yoga Massage affects the entire body by increasing flexibility, releasing both deep and superficial tension.

Thai Yoga Massage helps the body’s natural energy to flow more freely, for instance. Traditional Thai Massage is also called lazy yoga or passive yoga. The result is an opening of the body which leaves one feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time. 

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Benefits of Thai Massage

Reliefs stress

It reliefs stress and feels calming and sedative. Therefore inducing homeostasis, balance and harmony.

Boosts Energy

Thai Massage releases points of tension in the body which unblock the natural flow of energy. Therefore, releases stress and increases energy.

Improves Posture

This ancient massage technique balances, corrects and assists alignment and postural integrity of the body.

Calms the Mind

Upon receiving a Thai massage, both the massage therapist and the client enter a meditative state in which the mind relaxes and let thoughts go. Promotes inner peace and a quiet mind, for instance.

Prevents Diseases

Thai Massage helps strengthen the body and joints. It fights diseases, including chronic joint problems. Improves neurological functioning and assists in relieving degenerative conditions associated wit the aging process.

Increases Blood Circulation

During this massage the circulation of your body will increase thus reaching the blood to places of difficult access. If you work sitting in the office or standing for a long time, this massage is essential to improve the quality of your life. Also, strengthen the inner organs.

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