On-Site Thai Chair Mobile Massage

For Corporates,  offices, trade shows and Events

The benefits of on-site Thai Massage for companies

Reduces sick days & absenteeism

Reduces sick days & absenteeism

Increase employee productivity

Employees simply give more to organizations who take good care of them.

Attract top talent

Companies offering
on site chair massage are upgrading their employees work experience.

Reduce Health Care Costs

Reduces enxietey,
stress related health issues, sick days and absenteeism.

What is On-Site Chair Massage?

Mobile Thai massage or on- site chair massage is a combination of acupressure points, stretching techniques. The focus on a chair massage is on the back, neck, head, hand and arms. Furthermore a client is sitting dressed on a special chair and relaxes while legs are supported. No oils are used which makes it ideal for companies, offices and events.

The benefits for the employees

Reduces stress and lowers anxiety

Low Stress levels help employees to stay focused in the workplace.

Reduces fatigue and boosts immunity

Employees who receive chair massage benefit from better cell performance

Relieves muscular tension and pain

Massage on a chair can ease muscle tension

Improves creative thinking and mental clarity

Stimulates creative thinking, mind, wellbeing and happiness

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