Therapeutic Thai Massage advanced March 28th

690.00 650.00


Therapeutic Thai Massage takes a closer look at Thai massage therapy. It introduces new pressure points to relieve ailments such as headache, back pain, shoulder and neck stiffness, numbness in legs and arm, etc. Students will learn not only how to locate the points, but also demonstrate how to work properly on these points for effective healing.

The new pressure points combine new advanced with previously learned routines in Level 1 and 2. These acupressure points are compared with the Chinese acupuncture points. Therapeutic Thai Massage focuses on how to apply in different ailments.

Prerequisite: Level 1 and 2


  • Manual, a certificate issued by Guenther Schauer, with an International Thai license and an Austrian Thai Massage license.

Date: April 4th, 5th, April 11th, 12th



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