Certified Thai Massage Course January 2020 in Viñales, Cuba

Certified Thai Yoga Massage 9 days Course in Havana, Cuba, 2022


Thai Yoga Massage course and retreat in Cuba with an International Certification from Thailand. Unforgettable moments and walk away with 2 certificates Thai Yoga Massage!

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Certified Thai Yoga massage course. What better way to learn Thai massage than in the “island of contrasts, Cuba”. Enjoying the beautiful valley of Viñales. Discovering the architecture, music, the lived life of Havana and practicing Thai Yoga Massage and the meditative aspect. Everyone can join, learn and receive the health benefits of this “Healing Ancient Thai Massage Technique Course”. Tradition tells us that this technique was given to the world by a physician in India who was a contemporary of the Buddha named Shivago Komarpaj.

This 9  days certified Thai massage course is for aspirants and wellness enthusiasts. Want to make your vision a reality? Guenther Schauer, a certified Thai massage instructor, educated at ITM Thailand, one of the most prestigious Thai massage training schools will be the one to teach the course and examine the participants.

Guenther also will teach the concepts of meridians, energy lines or Sen, Yin, and Yang. The practical aspects such as stretching, acupressure points, proper use of body weight. In addition techniques with thumbs, palms, knees, elbows, and feet.

Furthermore, you will learn the basics of a Thai professional massage or the Nuad Boran practice and upon completing the course you will receive an international certification issued directly by ITM Chiang Mai / Thailand Massage School.


  • Manual in English or German, certificate for level 1 & 2 from Thailand as well a certificate issued by Guenther Schauer (licensed Thai massage Instructor)
  • 8 nights stay in Viñales Valley / Cuba, private house with breakfast.

Highlights of Thai Yoga Massage course in Cuba:

  • discover the benefits of Thai massage.
  • Importantly, explore the methods and ethics of Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai massage.
  • Furthermore, learn how to protect yourself when you give and receive Thai massage.
  • Also, a personalized and customized trip adapted to your needs and preferences.
  • Above all, get an International certificate from ITM Massage School (from Thailand) for levels 1 and 2.
  • total of 60 teaching hours.
  • 8 nights of accommodation in Viñales, daily breakfast.
  • Airport pick up and transfer to Viñales.
  • options to extend your trip after the course.

Date:  June 21st, 2022

Where: Havana, Cuba

Contact: Guenther Schauer, certified Thai Massage Instructor





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