on site chair massage for corporates offices and events

Mobile Thai Massage Chair for corporates, offices and events in Vienna



On-site chair, massage or Mobile Thai massage is a great treatment on an ergonomic chair. Increases motivation and productivity for employees, offices workers, and businesses.

Guenther https://www.sthaimassageschool.com is an experienced Therapist and treated around 1000 corporate clients. Companies like DHL, Europcar, Movistar, Entel, Goodyear, Sodimac, Ripley, BCI Bank, Consalud in Chile enjoyed and benefited from it.

It releases muscle tightness and shoulder stiffness. Also, it is stress relief. related headaches. The client will feel refueled as well as relaxed. Furthermore refreshed and rejuvenated. On-Site chair, massageshttps://www.holisticservices.com.au/office-massage-seated-massage/ gain popularity worldwide.

Moblie chair Massage timetable of 30 min.

prices depend on the distance traveled and the number of clients in a day.

Dates: every Friday 2023

9 am till 5 pm




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