Thai Foot Reflexology Massage Course in Vienna, Feb.29th

320.00 295.00

Thai foot reflexology massage course 12 hours is suitable for anyone. In addition, it is a lifetime gift to bring home to family and friends. As well as an add on to massage professional careers as well as wellness centers and spas. Systematic training will enable you to follow the teacher’s demonstration easily. Then practice the lessons with so much fun and pleasure.

As well as sessions in legs, hands, arms, and shoulders are included in the course. The training is less physical demand than a body massage. Because of that more suitable for most people. A wooden stick as a massage tool is included.

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage Course ends with a final examen.

Included:, wooden massage stick, a certificate is issued by Guenther Schauer

Date: Feb. 29th, March 1st 2020


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