Thai infant baby massage course in Vienna New course

Thai infant baby massage course in Vienna


Thai Infant Baby Massage course teaches you how to give infants and children a warm and gentle touch.

This course is best for parents and nannies who have a child or toddler under their care. Thai massage helps to stimulate a child’s muscular and nervous systems. In addition, to prevent deformities and to support the development of the child’s body, mind, and spirit.

Such a Thai massage for babies can even have psychological health even for the rest of life. Creates a feeling of compassion, trust, enthusiasm, and a sense of belonging.

It calms the child down by reducing anxiety and stress. This massage technique definitely strengthens the bonds between you and your child.

The Thai infant baby massage course lasts 1 day.

Requirements: Level 1 Thai Yoga Massage Course or Wat Po Thai Massage Course 30 hours from the Schauer Thai Massage School. The student must pass the course before taking this baby infant and child massage course.

This course is ideal for nannies, midwives, nurses and parents, therapists, therapists. Masseurs, masseuses.

This course is based on Thai traditional obstetrics. Under the guidance of a passionate and specialized Thai teacher.

Requirements: Watpo or Level 1 Thai Yoga massage course.

Included: manual, a certificate issued by Günther Schauer

When: mid April

Wo: Wasagasse 6, 1090 Vienna

Instructor: Guenther Schauer, Schauer Thai Massage School Vienna


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