Thai Lanna stretching techniques in northern style Thai massage

Thai Lanna Stretching Techniques & Elbow Knee Course Advanced


Thai Lanna Stretching Techniques Elbow stretches knee course. 
Elbow stretches knee course.

This course is for the most advanced Thai massage practitioner!

Includes powerful northern style stretching techniques called Lanna. The stronger elbow-knee techniques are for those who like hard pressure.
In addition, these are for Thai massage practitioners, practitioners, masseurs, masseuses who want to improve their techniques.
So to speak advanced techniques with Thai massage experiences. High-pressure therapists or muscular clients, therapists who perform treatments with many clients on a daily basis. Therapists who have flexible clients, especially their own bodies, can also perform more effective treatments without damaging them.
This Thai Lanna Stretching technique is aimed at people who have completed levels 1 and 2 (or equivalent courses at other Thai massage schools). But also to people who actually work in a Thai massage parlor, even if they have not studied at any school.
Requirements are extensive knowledge of Thai massage or Level 1 and 2 of Schauer Thai Massage
Included: manual with 96 sequences, 12 hours course.
When: November 25th, 2020.
Where: Wasagasse 6, 1090 Vienna.
Instructor: Günther Schauer, Schauer Thai Massage School Vienna.


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