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Thai Massage course Chile Nuad Bo-Rarn in Santiago de Chile Nov 2022


Thai massage course Chile. Level 1 and 2 / 60 hours. Basic + intermediate / advanced course

Level 1:
Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage Course is a basic 30-hour course. That forms the basis for a professional Thai Yoga massage. It is a Nuad Bo-Rarn practice. Especially since it is based on the northern style of Thailand. Also called passive or lazy Yoga. Furthermore, the concept of meridians, energy lines. Sen, Yin, and Yang are also featured. This course is for beginners. Both therapists and masseurs. It is a great addition to a professional career.

This course also covers practical aspects. In addition, stretching, acupressure points, correct management of body weight and techniques. In addition, a deeply focused abdominal hara job is emphasized.

Level 2 Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage Course

Nuad Bo-Rarn Level 2 Thai Massage Course Chile is an intermediate level 2. In addition, the course extends the techniques learned at level 1. The lateral, rear and sitting positions are also covered. Additionally, students learn many advanced movements. Yoga-like stretching for the entire body.

Daily practice and demonstration focus on the lateral positions. Back positions and sitting positions. We also learn power lines. In addition, we practice yoga, as techniques of position stretching and rotations. It also contains many yoga positions. In addition to acupressure, reflexology points. For example, they learn to use their knees, palms, thumbs, elbows, forearms, and feet.

Also, there is a demo every day. There will also be practice in the 8-day course. This means that participants can perform traditional Thai massages for up to 3 1/2 hours. Above all, the massage course the Thai massage course ends with 2 exams.

The Nuad BoRarn Thai massage method, nine important keys. In addition, ethics, questions and answers, 6 main points, for example, yoga and meditation. Thai Massage Course Chile ends with two exams.

Included: Manual, a certificate issued by Guenther Schauer

Optionally, We can also issue and send a certificate directly from Thailand. The value not included. (value 40mil).

Cost:  690.-

Date: Nov 2022

Information website:

Guenther Schauer, Certified Thai Yoga Massage Instructor (Accredited by the Thai Ministry of Health 390 hours + 250 hours)



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