Thai Massage Workshop Nuad Bo-Rarn Healing Massage in Vienna

Thai Massage Workshop Nuad Bo-Rarn in Vienna, Austria 2021


Thai Massage Workshop is an introductory short course, in which you will learn what Thai Massage is all about. Once you practice the sequences to release energy lines in your body.

Learn how important it is to be present in body, mind, and soul. You will see how focused you can become.

The concept of meridians, energy lines or Sen, Yin, and Yang is presented. In addition use thumb, palm, elbow, forearm, feet, and knees. This combination of pressure and reflexology massage has almost all body parts and stretching techniques and treats tired muscles.

Thai Massage Workshop will show practical aspects such as stretching, acupressure points, and the correct use of body weight.

Furthermore, the opportunity to massage and treat your partner, family, or friends so that both can benefit.
The Thai massage also animates the giver, gives pleasure and one can come into a meditative state.

Thai Yoga Massage or Nuad Bo-Rarn, also called yoga for lazy people (Yoga for lazy people), has about 20 health benefits. For instance, increases energy, stress relief, energizing, deep relaxation, releases stress, balances the mind, improves flexibility, relieves pain, range of motion, the body’s immunity to prevent aging and lengthening of life.

60 min. various Thai Yoga Massage and stretching positions from Schauer Thai Massage school

When: Please send us an Inquiry  with your desired date.

Where: Wasagasse 6, 1090 Vienna

Contact: Guenther Schauer 0676 3463790 WhatsApp


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