Thai Table Massage Course 18 hours in Vienna 2022 for Spas and Wellness

Thai Table Massage Course 18 hours in Vienna 2022


Thai Table massage course

Thai Table massage course designed for spas and wellness centers. This course combines northern-style with southern-style Thai massage. Furthermore, therapists prefer to use portable tables. Moreover, this Course duration is 18 hours. The 3-day course establishes the foundation of a professional Thai Massage practice, a massage table. Concepts of meridians, energy lines, Yin and Yang are introduced. Thai massage on the table is a modified version of traditional thai Yoga massage. The benefit of this treatment is a different working position. It replaces the mat with a table.

This is suitable for everyone

This is suitable for everyone, yoga teachers, aspirants, and wellness enthusiasts. Individuals who want to help friends. Furthermore families or do something for their own personal development. As well as a supplement to professional massage careers as well as wellness centers, thermal springs, and spas.

Thai table course covers practical aspects such as stretches. Also, acupressure points as well as reflexology points. In addition learn the proper use of body weight and modern techniques in supine, prone and side positions.

Also, the face is included. Using Thumbs, palms, elbows, and forearms. In addition, demonstrations and practice for feet, arms, front position, back position. As well as side position for yoga-like stretches.

After completion students and therapists can perform a 60 to 80 min Thai table massage. This course ends with an exam.


Date: custom and open dates.

Where: Wasagasse 6, 1090 Vienna, Austria

Contact and Instructor: Guenther Schauer


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