Thai Massage Course Santorini Greece Oct. 5th 2022

Thai Massage Course Santorini Greece with Hotel Included Oct. 5th – 30 hrs Training


Thai Massage Course Santorini certified by Guenther Schauer

This Thai Yoga Massage Greece course is for therapists, yoga teachers, practitioners, aspirants, bodyworkers, Individuals who wish to help friends or families or do something for their own personal development, and wellness enthusiasts.

Above all, this course is for everyone who wants to make their vision a reality and learn this ancient technique. Walk away with a Thai International Massage certificate in your hand! With Level 1  you will be able to massage 1  1/2 to 1 3/4 hours.

Besides, some of the highlights are:

  • Thai International Massage Certificate.
  • VAK Teaching Methods.
  • Learn with an international Thai Massage Instructor.
  • Enjoy the beautiful Santorini – Perissa beach, Greece

Thai Traditional Thai Massage Course Santorini Greece, also called Nuad Bo-Rarn is a beginner Course for 30 hours that establishes the foundation of a professional Thai massage or Nuad Bo-Rarn practice. Also, it is based on the Northern Style. The concept of meridians, energy lines, or Sen, Yin, and Yang are all introduced as well. This course is for beginners as well as massage therapists. It is a great addition to a professional career.

This course covers practical aspects such as stretches, acupressure points, proper use of body weight, and techniques. In addition, the emphasis is placed on deep-focused abdominal Hara work.

Included in this Thai Massage Course Santorini Greece:

  • Manuals and Certificates issued by Guenther Schauer
  • Optional: International Certification sent from Thailand massage School.
  • 3 nights stay in a 3* Hotel in Perissa Beach on Santorini Island, Greece.

Dates:  Oct. th other dates available upon request.

Instructor: Guenther Schauer – Certified Thai Yoga Massage Instructor.

Location: Perissa Beach, Santorini Island, this course is also available without accommodation. Course fee only EUR 650,-

Food options: Breakfast is included only for bookings with Hotel / pension.

Course fee: with accommodation € 690,- shared twin room, € 790,- single room, Course only € 550

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