Watpo Thai Massage Course - Thai Massage School Vienna

Watpo Thai massage course is recognized worldwide as the original WatPo Thai massage style. Moreover, this hands-on massage course teaches the basics as well as practical skills. Students are trained to do a relaxation massage. Also, relief of muscle fatigue and pain. As well as, it reduces tension and headaches, and recovery of muscle mobility and joints.

Also, Thai massage is not only to relax. Equally important, to help to stimulate the circulation of blood and the lymphatic system. Also, it improves the body’s immunity to prevent aging and lengthening of life. Also, stress relieves and gives more energy.

Practical session of this WatPo Thai Massage Course 
Traditional Thai medicine and Thai massage are introduced. Caution, and contraindications of Thai massage.
The masseur/masseuse posture, massage position, technique, steps, and procedure. In conclusion, after completing this wat pho massage course, students can perform up to 90-minute massage.

Furthermore, this course is for the therapist as well as beginners.


  • Manual in English a certificate from Günther Schauer

Date: 25th January  2021

Where: Wasagasse 6, 1090 Vienna

Contact: Günther Schauer, Certified Thai Massage instructor, phone +43676 3463790 WhatsApp