Günther Schauer

Günther studied at WatPo, Bangkok. General Thai massage, advanced Thai massage therapy, massage for health and aromatherapy, 150 hours. His teacher training took place at one of the most renowned Thai Massage Schools (ITM) in Chiang Mai / Thailand. In short, it took almost 400 hours. In addition, another 40 hours were added. Günther has practiced traditional Thai massage since 1995 as well as he received numerous Thai Massages while living in Thailand.Günther moved to Chile in 2013. He treated patients in a 5-star spa Hotel there. Schauer Thai Massage School was born in 2015 in Chile. As a result, Chilean students have completed Thai massage classes. Since then he has been teaching aspirants, therapists and wellness enthusiasts in traditional Thai massage.

Thai Massage school Schauer uses the VAK teaching method. In other words, visual, auditory kinaesthetic methods and one-to-one demonstration methods. He is currently teaching in Vienna, Austria. Now he wants to share with you all the benefits that Thai massage has to offer. His focus is on the northern style Thai Massage, which involves a bit more gentle pressure and more yoga like stretches and postures.

He has experience as a massage therapist with Thai massage, Foot Reflexology, Hot herbal massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage. He teaches Thai Massage since 2015 and also has a licence to practice Thai Massage in Austria.

Together with Yalorde Yoga, Thai Massage School Schauer runs Certified Thai Yoga Massage Retreats and courses in Greece, Cuba, Morocco, Bali, Thailand and other amazing destinations around the world.