Yearly Thai Yoga Massage Course 200 to 400 hrs training

30 to 180


Oct. 15th - March 2024


Wassagase 6, 1090. Vienna







Yearly Thai Yoga Massage course training or Nuad Bo-Rarn is an Intermediate Level 1, 2. Furthermore, the course expands on the techniques learned in Level 1 and 2  Besides, it covers the side, back, and sitting positions. Moreover, students learn many advanced yoga-like stretching movements for the whole body.

Students will have a substantial foundation for the major positions of Thai massage. Furthermore, students will be able to perform a comprehensive 5 hours Thai massage with level 1 & 2 plus stretching and acupressure. This Traditional Thai Yoga massage course ends with an examination. Nuad Thai Yoga Massage Course procedure:

Daily practice and demonstration focus on side positions, back positions, and sitting positions. In addition, we learn the energy lines. In addition, we practice Yoga like position stretching techniques and twists. Furthermore, it includes many yoga-like positions. As well as acupressure, reflexology points. Also, students will learn how to use knees, the palm, thumbs, elbows, forearms, and feet.

Furthermore learn Watpo style Thai Massage, acupressure and advanced stretching techniques. In addition hot compress and thai Footreflexology. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is for therapists, yoga teachers, massagists, masseuse, practitioners, aspirants, bodyworkers, individuals who wish to help friends or families or do something for their own personal development, and wellness enthusiasts.

Above all, this course is for everyone who wants to make their visions and dream a reality and learn this ancient technique. Walk away with a Thai International Massage certificate Lev. 1 and 2 in your hand!

Course fee: EUR 3500, credit card, bank transfer, cash, Paypal accepted

Starts Oct. 15th 2023

Instructor & Therapist: Guenther Schauer

Why you should study at Schauer Thai Massage School:

Our certified instructor Guenther Schauer has more than 27 years of experience in different styles of massage and has received different Professional training in Thailand by the most prestigious schools. Also, he is a therapist himself living out his passion.

During our courses, Guenther will guide you and clear up all your doubts. Our courses are personalized and the group of students in each event is small, max of 4 people per course.

Our mission is to share the healing Thai massage technique and form therapists who also massage with the heart, being the passion, dedication, and holistic approach our inspiration.

Our school is located in the center of Vienna and welcomes students from all over the world. Join us and get Certified!


  • This is an intermediate course who completed Level 1.
  • A sequence manual will be provided.
  • You will need a note pad, colored pens, highlighters, pencil and notebook to take important notes.
  • We kindly ask you to perform a PCR or antigen test before entering classes and show it to our team of instructors before the start of the course.
  • Our instructors are fully vaccinated.

Learning Path

During the first day of this Level II course you will learn the energy lines, foot massage, side bends in side position. Furthermore, leg stretches, torso stretches, sacrum work, hip joints, buttock. As well as energy lines of back, shoulder, shoulder blade, arms and hands. You will quickly begin to learn techniques and sequences, since our courses are based on Practice. 
Lunch (1 hour).

The second day is 100% practical. You will learn the the back sequences. Our instructor Gunther teaches with an easy and entertaining method so you will always be motivated while learning. Focus is leg and feet, back stretches and energy lines on the back. In addition leg & hip stretches, acupressure points on leg and back.
Each day you will have time to practice with another partner while Guenther rectifies and teaches it.

On the third day you will feel much safer and you will be able to do almost 1.5  hours of massage.
Learn today the interesting  sitting position. The forward bends, twists, accupressure points on the trapezius, skull, face, back and waiste. Also, neck, skull and face.  Learn how to chop the back and neck. Today you will continue learning the Thai massage sequence in the sitting position and practice all positions.
Lunch (1 hour).

The fourth day of our course includes practice and an exam in which you will perform a 90-minute Thai Massage.
At the end of our course you will be ready to offer Thai Massage feeling confident and benefiting your client from the wonderful Nuad Bo-Rarn technique.

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